About us



Travel Insight Coordinator is your private contact who listens to your wishes about how you want your day or your event, and is all the way from planning to implementation. It is the coordinator’s role to ensure that you can relax so that your day will be an unforgettable memory.

Site Manager
We have onsite managers who meet you for the briefing before your ceremony or your event. Location managers make sure everything is in place for your day.

Booking Request
We have both Swedish, English and Thai speaking wedding officiant. Our wedding officiant meets usually up at the place your day along with the location managers.

Everyone working in Travel Insight has a passion for their work, we are working to keep a very good quality where you can relax and trust that we make your event the very best. We are grateful to lead and create it based on your wishes and always try to respond to your request.

Nothing is impossible if we get to choose!

Welcome !