About Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta Yai is a long narrow island.  Ferry runs from the northern part of the island, known as Saladan (Saladan Town). Travel from Saladan down to the south of the island takes about an hour and is a total distance of 30km. All nine beaches are on the west side of the island, running from north to south. The east coast is much more hilly and covered with rainforest. The road ends at the national park where Koh Lanta’s famous lighthouse is located.
The National Park with its two bays and beautiful beaches are well worth a visit!

Klong Dao BeachKoh Lanta
With three kilometer stretch of white sand beach and clear shallow water Klong Dao was

the first beach to be developed on Koh Lanta for over 5 years ago. With its beautiful sunsets and beautiful scenery, it is easy to see why. Perfectly safe swimming makes this the most popularbeach for families. Even in high season is the roomy, all it takes is a short walk if you want privacy. The beach offers a wide selection of both luxury hotels and family owned bungalows, there are accommodations for every  budget.

Pra Ae or Long Bech
A bit south of Klong Dao Phra-Ae (also known as Long Beach), a beautiful crescent of sand some 4 km long. The beach is not as sheltered as Klong Dao, making it perfect for adult swimmers. The resorts are scattered mainly in the southern and northern sides, Most visitors find Phra-Ae ”abandoned” even in high season.

Klong Khong Beach
A little further south is Klong Khong, a three mile long white sand beach, with palm trees and a variety of accommodation. Klong Kong is famous for its sunsets and laid back locals. Swimming and snorkeling is near the beach and at low tide you can see the cliffs covered with coral. Prices for accommodationare in most cases lower than the northern beaches, and are mostly family run and homely.

Klong Nin Beach
Turn right off seven 11 and you get to Klong Nin, a few kilometers of sand and emerald green waters. Klong Nin has an abundance of tropical trees and rainforests and enjoy your work. In a quiet, genuine and gentle atmosphere. There is everything from simple bungalows to more beach villas directly at the sea edge.

Ba Kan Tieng Beach
Excellent swimming and incredible white sandy beach a stone’s throw National Park makes this small beach very intresant. The beach is just a mile long with few resorts, Ba Kan Tiang feels very private and secluded. Accommodation ranges from simple family to the only five-star resort on Ko Lanta.

 Southern Beaches
There are some beaches on the southern part of Ko Lanta before the national park. All are small with only a few hundred meters of beach. Ao Nui and Ao Mai Pai (Bamboo or beach). are separated and surrounded by high mountains that are covered by tropical rainforest, they are protected by the national park. The bad roads means fewer tourists, but those who take the hit rewarded a great variety of flora and fauna. There are only a few small places to stay, the beaches offer the perfect hideaway.

National Park Beach
There are two beaches in Ko Lanta National Park – Hin Ngam (a beautiful pebble beach) and Tanod or Palm Beach. These two beaches are on protected land without a few places to stay. The area offers beautiful tropical nature, trekking and amazing opportunities to see birds and wildlife.
Koh Lanta’s symbol, the lighthouse is located at the southernmost tip of the island provides a great view, the beach has a picnic area perfect for a picnic.